Friday Fight on Sunday

I started Insanity Max 30 on a Wednesday because it made more sense for me than a Monday, so my “Friday Fight” workout always falls on a Sunday. Then, Mondays and Tuesdays are my “off” days from working out because I work outside the home those days and when I get home I just want to cuddle my baby! This is my sweet baby girl, Mila! She was a good girl and sat in her swing during my workout today, but during the cool down she wasn’t having it and wanted her mama!

I think today was the hardest I have pushed myself yet in my workout. I was dead by the end. Friday Fight is actually my favorite workout, I love all the punching and kicking! I think I might like to try a kickboxing workout after I finish Insanity and do the 21 Day Fix! At first, I thought I would just try to lose the baby weight, but now I really want to be healthier and more fit than I was before. Although I was skinny before, I wasn’t especially healthy. I ate too little and drank too much. Between being pregnant and breast feeding, I haven’t drank alcohol (except some Guinness to increase my milk supply) in about a year. That is amazing for me because I had been drinking quite a bit since I was about 20 (I’m almost 28 now). I just feel so much healthier than I used to, even though I am not as small. I think I will get back there, but even if I don’t my health is more important now! Anyways, I’m just sitting here drinking my Shakeology and blogging. Patrick and I are about to take Mila to the little farmer’s market our neighborhood has the first Sunday of every month. We just bought a blender so I am going to try some of the recipes that come with Shakeology tomorrow! Up until now, I had just been putting it in my shaker cup with almond milk, which is delicious too b when you mix it up with some ice and other things it’s almost like a milkshake! Mmmmmm! Patrick mixed his up this morning with strawberries and blueberries (he gets Vanilla Shakeology, I’m not sure if I would like that with my chocolate!) and he loved it! It also makes a ton more when blended, it almost filled 2 shaker cups! By the way, if anyone is looking for a good shaker cup for protein shakes, etc the Blender Bottle is amazing! It comes with a little blender ball that goes inside it and my shakes are never clumpy! I got it off for about 10 bucks!


Anyways, I probably wont be posting tomorrow or Tuesday because I am so busy all day at work and like to just spend time with my family when I get home 🙂


One thought on “Friday Fight on Sunday

  1. I have one of those blender bottles….but it’s not that big. 🙂 I have vanilla whey protein after workouts if I need it – I don’t do chocolate unless it’s in bar form or melted over marshmallows. 😀 You get it momma!

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